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  • Leo Franz
    Pleased with how they set you down and educate you about how the e-cig came about and also, how they customize an e-cig to your personal brand of cigarette. Be prepared to be there about 30-40 minutes and enjoy a free smoke or (vape) as they prepare you for a new experience. They also sell all kinds of accessories and different strengths of nicotine juice, so you can step down if you wish, and be nicotine free in your own time frame. Also no issues with batteries or cartomizers
    Leo Franz
  • Dan C.
    There is no better place to get your vapor products. Harry and his staff care about getting you off cigarettes for good. If you're looking for the best tasting flavors this is the only place to go.
    Dan C.
  • Richard Raaf
    Friendly, helpful staff. Wide variety.
    Richard Raaf
  • Diana Rivali
    I won't go anywhere else. The staff are like family and they helped me get off cigarettes 4 years ago and I don't like anyone elses e-juice.
    Diana Rivali