Personal Charging Case (PCC)


This unit plugs into the USB port on your computer. When the charging light goes out, the unit is ready to travel. Simply unplug it and YOU are ready to travel.
As you go about your business, this nifty little device is charging your extra battery while you vape at your leisure. It will charge your regular battery in about 3 hours, and will charge 4 to 5 batteries before needing to be recharged itself.
To charge a battery, just screw the battery into the socket provided, push the button, the battery will blink several times and the red light will come on. When this light goes out, your battery is ready to provide full steam vape.
More Info
1 Battery and 2 cartomizers with an 808 connection
Case color: Black

Deluxe Carrying Case


This case has room for 4 batteries or 8 cartomizers or any combination that suit you. This is the perfect companion to the PCC
Black, Blue, Brown, Yellow, Silver, Pink, White, Purple, Red & Green

AC Dual Adapter


Plug the USB charger into this adapter and come back 3 hours later. Your battery is ready to go on another vaping excursion.

DC Dual Adapter


On the go a lot? This little jewel will let you plug your PCC or your USB charger into your car power socket. (That used to be a cigarette lighter, but that isn't politically correct and besides, WE don't LIGHT our cigarettes anymore!)

Automatic USB Pass Through


While you are busy ordering more of our great liquids or just surfing the 'net, you can save your batteries by using this pass through. Plug it in to your USB port, put a cartomizer on the other end and you can blissfully vape away. Meantime, your batteries can be charging up for your next big adventure.

Battery Charger for 18650 Battery




With this lanyard you can keep your e-cig safe while being active. Made out of leather available in assorted colors.

USB Extender


This cable will extend your USB port for easier connection to your e-cig chargers.