General Information

1What is an Electronic Cigarette?
An electronic cigarette, also known as a personal vaporizer, is made from two parts. The battery (the white section above) and the cartomizer (the tan portion). Inside the cartomizer is a heater used to vaporize a liquid.
2What is in the Liquid?
The liquid consists of Propylene Glycol (PG) and/or Vegetable Glycol (VG) and some food flavoring. A small amount of nicotine can also be added if the user desires.
3Can I quit smoking with an Electronic Cigarette?
Electronic Cigarettes are designed as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes. They are NOT designed to treat nicotine addiction but are intended to be a way to reduce the harm inherent in smoking. Many experts agree that switching to electronic cigarettes is nearly as good as quitting smoking. We like to think of it as 'changing brands' rather than quitting.
4Is it safe?
Nothing is 100% safe, but based on the fact that the liquids contain only ingredients shown to be safe for human consumption we believe it is considerably safer than smoking tobacco cigarettes. Research studies have shown that the smoke in tobacco cigarettes contain almost all of the toxic material found to be harmful. Since the electronic cigarette does not burn anything but instead vaporizes a liquid, the 4000+ harmful toxins found in tobacco smoke are not present in the vapor of the electronic cigarette. The American Association of Public Health Physicians (AAPHP) supports the use of electronic cigarettes as a reduced harm product. The AAPHP released a statement that electronic cigarettes “could save the lives of 4 million of the 8 million current adult smokers who would otherwise die of tobacco related illness over the next twenty years.”
5What about Cancer causing chemicals (nitrosamines)?
An independent study by Dr. Murray Laugesen showed that, on average, the electronic cigarette contained 8.18ng nitrosamines per 1g of liquid. 8ng in 1g = eight parts per trillion, an extremely tiny amount. By comparison, nicotine gum tested at 2ng, the nicotine patch tested at 8ng and Marlborough cigarettes tested at a staggering 11,190ng. That translates to electronic cigarettes containing 1,200 times LESS of these cancer-causing nitrosamines than tobacco cigarettes and about the same as the FDA-approved nicotine patch. The nitrosamines found in the liquid used in electronic cigarettes is there because the nicotine is obtained from the tobacco plant and 100% of the nitrosamines cannot be removed although the nicotine is 99.8% pure after the removal process.
6Doesn't nicotine cause cancer?
NO, nicotine is an addictive stimulant similar in effect to caffeine and has never been shown to cause cancer. Although nicotine use may carry other possible health risks, without the smoke from burning tobacco it is relatively harmless. In fact there have been studies that have shown nicotine to increase cognitive processes and memory and is being studied now in connection with improving Alzheimer's.
7What about the smell?
What you smell from a tobacco cigarette is the burning vegetation but with an electronic cigarette you have nothing burning therefore there is very little smell. If someone was to get right next to a vapor cloud immediately after it was exhaled they might notice a faint odor of whatever flavor the vaper was using at the time. The vapor disperses quickly and leaves no odor in clothing nor does it attach itself to walls and ceilings as tobacco smoke does.
8Can I use my Electronic Cigarette anywhere?
Generally speaking you can. Some businesses may not allow the use in their establishment, as is their right.
9Didn't the FDA ban Electronic Cigarettes?
The FDA tested 18 samples of the liquid and found trace amounts of cancer causing nitrosamines. The FDA allows certain levels of nitrosamines in products. The FDA claims that electronic cigarettes are a 'stop-smoking aid' and are therefore drugs. A Federal Judge ruled in January 2010 that the FDA is wrong and agrees with the AAPHP that electronic cigarettes are a reduced harm product. The case is pending in the appeals court. The AAPHP has petitioned the FDA to retract their statements and to allow them to be marketed as a reduced harm tobacco product. They have not been banned.
10What about the FREE Electronic Cigarettes on TV?
These are generally a scam. These companies want you to sign up for a monthly program for the cartridges for a very high price and if you decide you no longer want their products mailed to you they make it very difficult to quit. (getting rid of these people is almost as bad as quitting smoking!) One such program does not even have nicotine cartridges available.
11So what is MOVE2VAPOR?
MOVE2VAPOR is a small business located in Affton, Missouri. I fell for one of those TV ads and liked the idea but hated the product. It was a piece of junk and fell apart in 2 days. I decided I wanted to do this so I did a lot of research and found what I consider to be the best product on the market. If you want to see it then call me. I'll help you get off burning vegetation/chemicals and onto a vaporizer.